Beautiful light background heart bokeh effect

A collection of thoughts
A prison for words
The preacher of Love
But it’s not a “Dove”
A Collage of ideas
Spilled all over
A Mosaic of views
But it’s not the “NEWS”

Some love it
Some hate it
Some live in it
Some crave for it
We write in it ,
Comment on it
Make mess on it
Tear it
Leer it
Ignorance …
That’s what I call it …
It’s a life changer
A revolutionist
Speaking for a change
It’s a rebel detaining the untamed
It’s an abyss of knowledge
A portal of information
For those …
Who value it
Respect it
Love it
Dwell in it
Live in it
People know it as
Boring stuff
Loads of pages
Full of creepy writing
It is a “BOOK” !!!

Written By: Syed Ommer Amer