A Pakistani Girl Publishes Her Debut Novel

Today was just another hectic day. I got a text that today I have only one lecture of Industrial Automation and that was at 11:30 am and keeping in view the chill weather, fog and dew which sends shivers down your spine. I decided not to go to university and practice the CX-Programmer software of Omron PLC which we are doing in the lab. There was so much to do, loads of stuff pending *sighs*

Worked whole day almost ... and right now when I logged in I just saw that I am missing a birthday of one of my friend Hafsa Idrees. DAMN ! How could I :D

Hafsa Idrees

Well, I usually write about people when I meet them and you must be thinking that why I am writing about her then? :P I haven't met her yet !

Ummmm .... Nice Question :D *i know the answer of this one* :D

You might be wondering that what's so special about this girl?

  1. She is a Pakistani Student who just published a novel
  2. She is SEO Manager of Revolution Flame
  3. Today is her Birthday 

The beginning after the End!

She revealed her Book cover few days back and official launching of her book is on 27th December 2013. 
You can join the event at -> The Launch of Beginning After an End

Book Cover of Hafsa Idrees RF QAU Novel

This is just a paragraph from her novel ! You can follow her on Facebook at -> Hafsa Idrees - Author

For me the stupidest thing in world is to make or gather memories. I do not know how someone can cherish a happy memory believing he once had it and enjoyed in some part of his life and how someone can be happy on a sad one thinking it as at least over. I have been at a loss to understand this complicated world and it's ways to keep a pace with it. My brain was talking to me and I was trying hard to put these thoughts aside. I was driving and I had to be careful ....

When she told me about her novel, I was like -> (O_O) You know that feeling? When you are really amazed! It was something like that ... Because all I have heard about Pakistan is that It is the land of terrorists, corruption, inflation and God knows what what ! and amidst all that just a girl who is still studying in Quaid e Azam University publishes her novel. It's like a really proud moment for me!

Today, we showed the world that Pakistanis are peaceful persons who can still leave marks of glory on world. Girls have always been suppressed in a male-dominated society and witnessing a girl doing all that is something which makes you smile and your heart contented that Yes! There is a Future! Yes! Youth is alive! Yes! I am proud to be a part of Pakistan! and the world should know that there is a world beyond J.K. Rowling, Dan Brown, R.L. Stein, Paulo Coelho ... It's time they witness the budding authors of Pakistan!

Hafsa joined Revolution Flame as an ambassador and today she is SEO Manager and looks after the website. What I dislike about the Pakistani media is that they would broadcast useless news for all day long, they would feed negativity in people minds 24/7. The anchors, newscasters everyone craves for Ratings, they would go to any level to get that. But promoting positivity and the remarkable achievements of our country men is something which I rarely see.

Atleast I think that they the amount of time, money and energy they waste to get ratings should be spent on creating a soft image of Pakistan by promoting the talent that deserves something. I know how hard is it to get feedback from people about your work and for an author this is all they ever want! Just a few minutes news can help authors get the attention, recognition and praise they deserve for creating a literature that will remain in this world, even when they are gone!

I was talking to Hafsa about her novel and she told me that how hard it was to figure out how to actually get it published. There was so much stuff involved, so many procedures and a tiresome method which frustrates you way too much that every instant you just want to quit. But that's the point, you have to work for your passion, for your dream and for the life you wish to live!

A senior in my university used to say that 'Life is full of moments! Your success in life depends upon how much of them were yours!'

Working for those moments is the hardest part for an author! Currently, Hafsa is working really hard to achieve her dreams. You can get in touch with her and say hello to her and wish her good luck at -> Hafsa Idrees - Author

My novel is still in progress, You can stay up to date about it by following me on -> Syed Ommer Amer
I would be glad to hear from you!

Happy Birthday Hafsa :) Hope you had one of the most memorable birthday of your life ever! I saw your wall full of birthday wishes :D This is just one message which I want to give you on your birthday! Hope you would like it (^_^)

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