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Hafsa Idrees Quote Pakistani Author

The book revolves around the life of girl named Chrissie. While twirling through the pages you will be able to feel what it actually means to be a girl, how a girl think, how pure feelings she can have for the one she loves with all her heart. 
It's not an Eminem Rap where he would scream to vent out his anger, this novel is about the tenderness, serenity and calmness of a girl. While reading you will feel how helpless a girl can be yet she would greet you with a smile, the way she hides her tears, her grief and her miseries and you would believe that she is the happiest person in the world, what else she could want!
The are neither heroes nor any villains in this novel, it's just a struggle of a girl who puts back her broken pieces of heart and learns to move on in her life.

In her book she says
Setting things on fire, the ones you loved more than your life! Which reminded you of all the happy moments but letting them burn with your hands, your heart keeps pinching you but you just stand and stare at those flames as they engulf the physical existence of memories ...
The twists and turns are brilliantly built in the story and atleast once while reading this novel you will be like -> Shocked and you would say What The Heck! This just can't be happening right now!

It's worth reading and if you ever want to understand girls then this is just the thing you should not miss!

The best line for me from the novel was when Chrissie is all broken and she says , 'I had bruises on my soul, blisters on my heart, a tortured spirit, blooded emotions, broken feelings and a hollow body'. It was so close and natural ... I have been through this so this line like just touched my soul!

My rating is 8/10
Could have been 9/10 but there is just a minor mistake in the plot which could have been more better. 

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