5 Parties in 86400 Seconds!

Epic Birthday Parties

So here it goes :P
12:00 am : Me still wide awake and managing things for the BIG day
1:00 am : Dropped confirmation messages to everyone and got updates
2:00 am : Compiled and finalized everything and hoping that everything goes as planned
2:30 am : Prepared my bed and finally went to sleep


B'day Party at My place ^_^ #WahCantt

6:00 am : Wide awake and mind still thinking what to do and coordinating with Wahab.
10:00 am : Getting ready for the first party. Got 3/4 confirmations. Feeling satisfied, Went shopping!
10:30 am : So it began!
11:00 am : Party in full swing :D We talked, laughed and recalled all the good times. Members included Mubariz, Ghayas and Adnan
11:30 am : First party concluded
12:30 pm : Uploaded pictures and B'day wishes and went to Islamabad


B'Day Party at Minerva ^_^ #Islamabad

2:00 pm : Reached Islamabad and uptill now the total confirmed members dropped to 4 from 8. It was drizzling though but cool breeze made weather really ideal for party. I went off to Minerva
2:30 pm : Reached Minerva and met Sana Khalid and started preparations
3:00 pm : Met Hassan Bhai and Sohail and the party began
4:00 pm : The party went awesome, the cake, the drinks, the samosas, the rolls and the most interesting 'Halwa' :D Loved it <3
4:30 pm : Me went back to home


B'Day Party of my little bro at Home ^_^ #WahCantt 

6:00 pm : Reached Home
6:30 pm : B'Day Party of my little brother at my home ^_^
7:30 pm : Party rocked :D and I was really tired after eating so many tasty cakes. He opened his presents and was so excited that you just can't imagine. Loved it !

B'Day Party at Javeria's Home ^_^ #Okara 

8:00 pm : Me on facebook :D when Javeria updated me that her party has begun in Faisalabad. Saman joined her after travelling in heavy rain but still I am glad that there are people who care and OWN the platform they are a part of :)
9:00 pm : Her Party concluded and meanwhile I was taking  updates which weren't good Rai M Azlan was unable to carry out his planned activity and I got no updates from FD Bhai and I was -> *sad*
9:30 pm : Worked on I Volunteered Results!
10:00 pm : Miracle Happened :D
11:00 pm : Got pics of Faisalabad Party :D and I realized a very fine comment of my friend which was "Bachay Cute hotay hain paway Nigeria k hi q na hun" :D
*Kids are cute, even if they are from Nigeria* :D
11:30 pm : Published results of I Volunteered
12:00 am : An Epic 86400th second passed on facebook, what a day it was !


From My Heart ...

There's lot to say but first I want to apologize to my very special Ayesha Baji for not being able to pick poster and the birthday card from her home. She worked so hard and made such wonderful beauty and I really felt guilty that I couldn't pick it up. So *apologies* I was really stuck up in alot of things ... just couldn't find enough time and resources to make that happen. But I am attaching them here, so everyone who opens up this post knows that how much effort you put to make them and how I should have collected them :/
Ayesha Nayyer NYP Birthday Card Hassan Raza

Ayesha Nayyer NYP Birthday Poster Revolution Flame

Ayesha Nayyer NYP Birthday Wish

Then I want to thank Abdul Wahab for being there for me and helping me out as much as he can. He was the 'GUY' who needs to be praised for everything. If I was managing party in Wah Cantt, he was managing the Islamabad one. I have met many people in my life but this one is just the kind I love the most.
*Brotherly Hug* :D 
Abdul Wahab CASE with Pakistani Flag Independence Day
Abdul Wahab #IndependenceDayStyle :D
Then there is my bestie Sohail Khan, who is my partner in crime :P Whenever there is something fishy we plan it together. Whenever we are together, some really wild ideas spin in our minds and we really come up with something you call 'WOW' :P He did loads of work that day. Though he couldn't pick up the stuff he should have picked but I hope Ayesha Baji has forgiven you uptill now. But Thankyou buddy for being always there for me :) and about that poem ... Imma write one for you :D

Sohial Khan #TypicalMedicozStyle :D

Next in queue is Sana Khalid from Minerva. Well My first experience with her was like pretty unexpected. I went to Minerva for an Interview last year for Summer Internship but who knew we would meet again like this. Maam I really want to thank you for your hospitality and letting us have a party in Minerva. Having your team celebrate with us in our very #Special Birthday Party added more fun in it. Together we all had loads of fun and someday you need to tell me that #LongStory of Minerva :D because I am really curious now and that 'Loot Liya Thing' we talked about is this -> Check_It. I would tell you about Revolution Flame. iA would be seeing you around. Minervites are awesome creatures :D Thanks to all of them. I have forgotten all names though. It was fun meeting you all. Here is one awesome memory which I will cherish in the life to come. ^_^
Thankyou Minerva :)
Left : Team RF | Right : Team Minerva | Photo Credits : Abdul Wahab
After that there are two more good friends named Javeria Rehman and Saman Mustafa who also helped me as much as they can. One thing I love about them is their passion to do good and play their part in all awesome things we plan. Despite of heavy rains in Okara, Saman went to Javeria's home and organized an awesome birthday party and why I call it awesome because they invited street children to celebrate the Revolution Flame's birthday party. This is something which I loved ... You know people often say that I do favoritism and I praise girls, they say it openly because they don't know this ... I hope they are reading this so they will know that it is the spirit that matters. I could have used name(s) but let's just put that aside. Anyway having awesome kids to celebrate the birthday of Revolution Flame was indeed an honor! and managing about 15 kids is again yet another thing which deserves some appreciation. I encountered people saying that they just come over to the party in Isb just because of rain and here we had an awesome party in rain ^_^
#Spirit #Respect #GirlPower :D Here are some pictures ... Stay tuned for complete story though ... I will post it once I get all the details!

Cake Cutting

Face Painting

Kiddos :D
Ok ... now here I missed another person whose name is Hassan Raza! :D Infact he also had birthday on the same date :P I gave him loads of surprises and courtesy Abdul Wahab for it :P We planned some real awesome stuff together. I hope Hassan Bhai loved it. Sir you need to tell me the meaning of your *Takiyay-e-Kalaam* *Zara Khushboo Laga K* as I really dont know what it means ... Seriously :P
ZeeBee's B'day cake was the last gift ! and do listen to those B'day wishes I mailed you ^_^ Esp. Adnan Rana sent you a special one. We love you sir because you are not the one who abandoned this child and your guidance, love, support and presence means alot to us. You are the Best CEO ever and the BigBro :D
*Hugs* Stay with us forever :P 
A happy birthday to you :P #KhshbooLagaKay!

Image Credits : Malik Danish Gul
and now there's time for a special heavenly creature known as Pari :D Yes ... I do sound childish but this ones real :P Seriously ... I met her randomly, she is kind of friends of friends ... #FunnyFacebook but I wanna thank her for motivating me and having faith in me. Her I Volunteered Stories were something that ignited the lost #Spark in me. It was that feeling which I had last year the very same day, the very same date. So those who were asking that what was the twist?
Here is your twist ... I am re-born ... Now here Saleha would come and argue about the Phoenix but girl ... You read my Angel :P or imma kill you *peace*
So I was saying that I wanna thank this Pari, she organized an awesome event for needy children this Ramadan, I wish I could join her for that nobel deed but was damn busy! 
Thankyou girl ^_^ 
Keep Volunteering, your stories inspire me alot :)

Pari :D 
And now the time to reveal the mystery from the miracle ... which I mentioned somewhere up above the post. So here's what happened, that few parties unfortunately couldn't be organized due to some issues and I was scrolling the news feed of fb hopelessly. Though I had such an awesome day but something was missing ... Something more should have been there that would have made me say 'This Made My Day' :D Now you may be calling me greedy but trust me it's not not ... It's just that I was waiting for some miracle and so it happened. You know only a person who has been broken understands the value of happiness and just sharing some doodles just doesnt brings happiness. You just have to wait for it and it comes always ... from the places you least expect. :)
A chat box opened ...
Anam Khan : Yeah Lo Bhai Jaan , Khush Ho Jao :D and it had this picture attached with it which just made my day ...

This was something that Made My Day :D You know I wasnt even expecting it ... and she didnt even tell me that she is upto something ... She sure knows how to surprize me! Thankyou Girl for this ... ^_^
Really means alot to me.

So Here I am ... Thankyou everyone who made it this far :D
I talk alot ... *apologies*
I love Talking :D

ThankYou Allah for blessing me with such awesome friends who really care for me ^_^ and also thanks to my parents for supporting me and most importantly allowing me to go and do all this awesome stuff :D