The Story of the Iff Girl

Well, she already has spoilt her surprise but like still here we go ...
I had wished that I would write all this in the 'How I Met' series but I guess that never happened. Anyways, I never knew who this Iff Girl was, where she lived, what she does because I had never met her. As a matter of fact I havent met her yet but in the tenure of almost more than 13 months I have learnt alot about her.

So, how I came to know about her? Obviously, through Revolution Flame! She was a friend's friend who just joined and she worked pro actively in the Street Children Campaign. There were other people too but I just had this memory preserved, mostly I put it up as my wallpaper of my laptop!

Street Children Campaign Awareness message
Photo Credits : Maria Rasheed
This poster was created in December something I guess and at that moment there were hell lot of things going around. Musarrat Amin was also with us and these girls generated awesome activities. I guess I missed Zahra Batool and Yeah Qurat Apii too.
There was a thing called 'Ambassador Of Month' and the ambassadors who volunteered pro actively were awarded with that title and in February 2013 we announced the combined results and there she won the award of 'Ambassador of Month of December 2012' and Mahoor was of January 2014!
The funny part was that I accidently sent the email of Mahoor to Iffrah and hers to Mahoor! I don't know I was sleeping or what :D Seriously, it was a mistake :P A blunder I would say !
Any ways then street children was just about to conclude and I asked her to write a summary of what we did in the Street Children Campaign, she literally had to search the whole archive and compile it but she did and I promised her that I will try to get that published in the Us Magazine. She completed it in time but unfortunately, I was informed that it is against the policy of that magazine to publish anything so biased. Like come on (-_-) We did some good and sharing a report about that is considered biased ... We made sure that everyone who contributed in the campaign is mentioned and I guess that was just the issue. I was really like </3 
Because I promised her and I failed to deliver! *I hope she forgave me for that, You did right?*

Here is just another memory that I extracted ... The epic part -> '#Revolutionary Party'

And then If I remember it right then this Iff girl had some questions regarding *some-one-who-must-not-be-named* :D No more details :P The Iff Girl knows and I know she is smiling right now :D 

Okay and now she had papers or what, she disappeared from the scene ... then we had Earth Day Campaign and Women's Day Campaign and she had papers and studies then afterwards when we launched Infinitron in August 2013 then I guess she came back ... Or may be a little before that, we were having some group Skype meetings I think it was regarding the Creative Minds or something ... Then we also started the Save Energy Campaign and again &*@# happened :D 

I asked her to write something on Save Energy Campaign and she did without doing any Choon Chaan :D that most girls do :D (This is what I really like about her that she doesn't argues (^_^) She listens and provide constructive feedback) and again when I forwarded that to the editorial board then it got rejected :( as it some how God-Knows-Why didn't fall on the guidelines and i was like -> :@ :@ :@

I didn't know what to say to her I said to her that Don't worry I will get it published in the E-book but like ... umm ... :| I did broke the news and then I didn't know what should I say more, I talk alot but at that moment I was speechless and ashamed but again she said that Oh No Problem!  

Another trait which she has inherited from her friend is LayXeeNess :D She wasn't lazy but somehow she did became one and there is some really funny convo where she says 'Sir! Wait ... before you ask me how I am doing or you have a job for me ...' :D I guess that's enough! The Iff Girls knows the rest :3 

Another trait of her is that She is Tall, random and outspoken :D and her DP's scare me sometime :3 Why? :P I don't quite really know ! She is a pretty lass but once there was this DP ... I think I should put it here :D but that was scary :3 

Another memory was when she inboxed 'Are you Mad at me? *peeks  behind the sofa*' :D In fact I was really angry and frustrated because of the things that were going along in my life but like this #Innocence :D Just put a smile on my face and I forgot everything :D I don't know how she does that :P Sometimes she be so scary and sometimes so talkative and sometimes so innocent :P 

I also thought that she is scary because she once said that Evil Witch is her bestie and they both are just the same ... I told her that she is not the Witch :D She is altogether another big story I will blog about her someday when I will have some spare time!

Then one upon a time not very long ago I asked her a favour and she said that she would help me out. it was related to Punjab University but like I never thought she would do it because it is such a 'Khuwaar Kaam' which I was asking her to do but yet she did it (^_^) *ThankYou Girl*

And just another memory which I would like to share here is the blog naming. I dont know what intrigued her to make a blog but she did and she wasnt happy with the name and then we brainstormed alot of names and finally the current blog address she is using was suggested by me and whenever I see her blog posts it feels so nice and I remember all those memories (^_^) 

I don't know where I would be in this world after 5 years, where would she be but I have a strong feeling she would be married by then :D *pun-intended* but these awesome memories would remain with me ... 

Just wanna say that Happy Birthday Girl. I thought alot what gift should I give you but finally I thought you will love this flashback and memories ... :) I pray that you have loads of such happy moments in the life ahead!