Things 2013 did to me ! (-_-)

I was just having a day off from University and all of sudden facebook suggested that Year Review 2013. It just clicked my mind and I compiled this ! Hope you would enjoy this :) This post is all about those awesome people that came in my life in 2013 and also those who were there in my life before it and together We all made memories (^_^)
The year which started like hell for me, I never thought I could pick myself up but I did Alhumdulilah ! What I am proud of my self is that I LIVED my life after being like almost dead! That part of my life was the worst ever thing! M glad it's over and Let's Give 2013 a Flashback ...
I want to thank all those helped me made these memories ... :)

Things I started doing in 2013

  1. Started writing a novel
  2. Started the How I Met Series on my Blog
  3. Changed my perspective about life 
  4. Social Networking
  5. Pro-actively volunteering

The most memorable moments of 2013

Syed Ommer Amer Addressing CASE Epica 2013
Photo Credits : Saad Ansari
CASE Epica 2013 - Where I got a chance to address the CASE-ians,Faculty, Brigadiers, Media Persons of GEO, IC&RD, CEO and Founders Of Sir Syed Society about #EarthDayCampaign.

Photo Credits : Danyal Javed

Explore - Spectrum Of Ideas 2013 - Where I met Nazir Sabir, Badar Khushnood and Maam Tooba. Never thought it would be this much awesome. Thank you Zaira Asif for inviting me to this conference.

Revolution Flame Birthday Party Group Photo Minervites
Photo Credits : Abdul Wahab
14th August 2013 - Revolution Flame's Birthday Parties ! Damn! It was the most memorable day I would say ! 5 Parties I attended that day in 86400 Seconds! Amazing stuff it was ! Thanks to Abdul Wahab and My Bestie Sohail Khan for making that Islamabad Party A Huge Success :P

Dreamland hotel Islamabad Syed Ommer Amer with Ayesha Nayyer NYPP
Photo Credits : Saad Ansari 
International Palestine Solidarity Conference @ Dreamland Hotel - My first ever event with National Youth Parliament. Thanks to Sohial Khan for introducing me to these awesome fellows. It was an awesome experience working with Ayesha Baji, who is the spokesperson of National Youth Parliament Pakistan. The way she led the team was like <3 I dream to be a leader like her who can work closely with the team and make sure that everything is just Perfect. Thankyou Ayesha baji for those awesome memories!
P.S. Nothing happened at the Iftari :D But anyways there was another Eid Milan Party which I attended of National Youth Parliament and there I met two prominent personalities of Pakistan Tehrik e Insaaf ! What an experience it was! (y) Ayesha Baji Rocks all the way for inviting me there :D  That indeed wa one of the best things that happened in 2013 with me.

Comic Credits : Evil Witch
Buhahahah :D This was like the most Epic Moment ! I will write a whole post on her when I will meet her :D But meanwhile it was like we usually fight and she is the 'Evil Witch' because she is evil and that's it :P and one day all of a sudden when I logged into my account, she was like Barfa Barfi Barfu and God knows what ... like I thought someone drained all the sense out of her, she was so annoying and she wont shut up ! I was so irritated that I had to go offline :3 Witch ... You are EVIL ! :D 
This comic just reminds me of that moment :D When I had to beg her to Shut up and she would keep saying Ladu Lada Ladi , Roti Rota, Rotu ... Like what the heck :D
This indeed was the most hilarious moment of 2013! 

Photo Credits : Saad Ansari
Save Energy Campaign 2013 - EME Olympiad 2013 - Spark, Sohail, Me and the Team (y) We rocked it !
Thankyou Spark ... You be so legendary (^_^) Then how can I miss the Zaira and Anika! Fakhar, Wahab and Mazhar! Nabiha also helped alot and that surprize entry of Pari was :O Can't forget the moments! Thankyou Team for making it possible and Super Thanks to Saad Ansari for Covering it (^_^)

Volunteering Displaying Awareness Posters PIEAS Nukta'13

Save Energy Campaign 2013 - PIEAS - Nukta'13 - We displayed Awareness Messages and I met Mehak for the first ever time :D It surely was funny! We both were late :P Long story but worth it ! Some Other time! But Wahab be a life Saver :D He even led the team on Day 2 of Nukta! Dude you be <3

RQuad Project Featured on Sky News Arabia

And The last and the biggest ever achievement uptill now of my life ! Being featured on Sky News Arabia! You can check out the video here -> RQuad Project on Sky News Arabia
You can check out the whole story here

There are other moments too :P I dont remember them nuch ... Will update them Soon iA !

But I want to Thank Allah for all these precious memories ! He is <3