The Super Sister - Huma Baji

A person can have all luxuries of the world but having a family is something that matters the most. There are two families, the one in which you are born and the other you create for the world you live in. Almost all of us are blessed with the first one but the second one is what you often interact with. Well in the world I created for myself, I met people from various schools of thoughts and there were few who became really close to me and I respect them a lot because they are who motivated me, guided me, cheered with me, shared my sorrows and became a part of what I called a family.
This lady is one of those persons whom I met in my university life. The way we met isn’t that interesting but the memories we made together in the 2 year tenure of university life is something I wont ever forget. She is what I call a super sister! So let’s begin how I met this super sister :D

Huma Nadeem UET Taxila 2k8 Open House

How I met ...

You may not find it interesting but let me tell you. It was my first semester and I had an obsession with debates. I had stood third in All Pakistan HEC English debate competition and then stepping in university where a whole new world awaits you. It was like a dream coming true. I still remember it was my first day in university and the first thing when I entered in Electrical department was to read the notice board and there I saw the posters of inter departmental debate competition which was held some months back in university. It was that moment that I wanted to speak and express myself on podium. Not to mention the ragging I went through in University Bus for quite a time but anyway that turned out to be beneficial for me.
I saw another debate competition named FAST TamashaDecalmation Contest and after I searched and asked my friends in university I came to know that you have to be a member of Debating Society to be eligible to participate in it. I remember that a day before, when I was going back home I met Muhammad Asad, who a friend of Ahmed Bhai (2k7). Asad bhai was constantly talking in English and I was so very much inspired by him that I just wanted to be that person. Later on I came to know that he is the president of Quiad-e-Azam debating society. Now that’s called #Level !
Anyways I was told that University’s official debating team has been finalized and I have to go there by paying for myself and another problem was that I needed a partner. That’s where a very good friend of mine name Arooj Fatima came in to play. She was my school mate and luckily she had a friend who wanted to go there. Her name was Saba Arif. I will tell you how I met her some other time after she gives me the three treats she owe me :D Anyways, we teamed up and started to practice. Arooj encouraged me a lot and gave me confidence and I respect her (^_^)
Finally the day arrived and Tamasha 2010 happened. It was Day1 and as I entered the premises of FAST NUCES Islamabad, all I saw were unfamiliar faces. It was my first ever event and damn ! I was nervous. Then as I walked a little bit and reached the main building where the registration desks were placed I met Zohaab bhai, he was and still a legend for me :D I will blog about him too :P and then I heard someone saying, ‘ Nervous?’ and as I turned I saw Huma Baji … that was like officially when I met her :P I think I did saw her in QDS Trail session or may be not. I don’t remember … But in Tamasha 2010 she encouraged me like a super sister :D After all that’s what I call her :P
We spoke for a while and then I went to the auditorium where I had to deliver a English humorous debate and she left for her Parliamentary Debates.

Best memories?

There are loads of them and the best I should say was the FAST Tamasha 2011. In 2010’s version I just delivered my debate and left because I had never travelled alone in public transport and I didn’t know the way back home. Asad bhai was going back home and I went back with him. But in 2011, I was found in FAST all three days, from 8am in morning till 10pm night. If I remember it right than Huma Baji spoke the parliamentary debates and I was there listening as I mentioned earlier, back then I used to be addicted to them. Wahab bhai was an inspiration for me, so was Asad bhai, Nida Baji and all other seniors of mine. It is because of them where I stand today and I am really thankful to them for grooming me.
That parliamentary debate session was so amazing that you just can’t imagine. There were two teams from Punjab University and one was from FC College Lahore. FC trip was <3 will blog about it someday too. There were other teams  but they got disqualified, the judges decided that all four teams play the final at a time. UET Taxila and FC College were put in Govt. and both teams of Punjab University were grouped and it was an enforced humor round. I don’t remember it right but the topic was ‘Yeah Aewaan Ghooma k Day ga’ :D and the rebuttals were simply hilarious and the PU teams violated the decorum various times.
Those memories are still in my mind, Zohaab bhaii went as the first speaker with a blank page and he spoke for 8 minutes. I don’t know how he did that but he be so legendary. Then the speaker from Punjab University came and he put up his stance and we gave so many rebuttals and the discussion went worst when a point was raised about clothes and then judges had to actually pause the game and then after sometime and some strict remarks the game resumed. Then Huma Baji went and she … if I remember it right there was something about the Marshal Law and we all regretted that we should n’t have said that :D but it was fun. She spoke awesomely!
The match ended and the PU were given a bench victory and after that we all went to eat. I was with Huma Baji and we talked A LOT :D Then Shahbaz bhaii joined us and then later on whole team joined us and those days were so memorable, I want to rewind my life and start living it from that moment again.

What I miss about her?

Well, she was a person who was so very helping in every possible way. Besides studies, she always encouraged me to participate and follow my dreams. Today, when I look back at all those years I spent in UET Taxila, with my super awesome seniors, I proudly say that I made MEMORIES.
It was like almost more than an year that I haven’t seen or met her and like two days back I went to library and I kept saying to myself, I have seen that lady somewhere :P She looks like Huma Baji :D then I said ‘Come On! Ommer ! She can’t be here :D and I started studying’ and when I was about to leave I was talking to my cousin at the bus stop and right when I was about to leave and I turned to my right I saw her and I was like -> (O_O) 
‘Huma Bajiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!! Aap ? How come? When ? How ? Where? What a surprise? :D’ 
We talked for five minutes shared few things and then we had to go… the bus was about to leave.

Exclusive Message? :D

Yes !!!! ‘When are we meeting Bajiiiii? :D Have loads to share :D Loads to tell! I anxiously look forward to meet you’ (^_^)

P.S. A belated Happy Birthday :P I thought I would post it yesterday but could n’t get any time. Have so much going around these days :P