The Evalady - Madiha Rahman

Today, I have another person for you to meet. She calls herself 'Evalady' but I call her Maddy :P
Now you should read to know why :P

Where we met?

That is really a cool story. Hassan Bhai called me to his office for some unfinished tasks that were on me to do. What happened was that I went into his Office, Seronic which was located in Blue Area, Islamabad. His boss wasn't around and he was kind of looking around things. He asked me to have a seat besides his cabin. There was lot of chatter going around. Phones were constantly ringing, people talking, emailing, printing, coming, going. It was like a typical office environment and I wondered how do these people actually work in such noise? :P I really want pin drop silence to think and work. Anyways, a person gave me a chair and I sat. There was a person sitting in front of Hassan Bhai's cabin. While he was giving work to someone, he said, 'Ommer! I guess you know that person' and I was like ->  (O_O)
I tilted my head to see who the person was and there I found a this Evalady, working on his laptop. If I remember it right then she was assigned some work by Hassan Bhai regarding the History Pak website. She saw me and greeted me. I still had no idea who she was, but I guess she knew me Or maybe not :P (Tell me Maddy! Did you know me before? :D I wanna know :P )
So that was where I first met her.


NO expectations :P I never knew who was sitting in the front cabin. All I saw was a jolly lady, who greeted me and told me a tale which I will be telling you very shortly. Moreover, that day I was really exhausted from the scorching heat. It was Ramazan and I was doing my internship.


This is pretty interesting. She calls herself Evalady. The best thing is I don't know what that word means. On facebook, I have came across girls who name themselves, Princess, Pretty Doll, Cute Girl, Barbie and God knows what :D But a profile with Evalady? Impressive :P
My curiosity forced me to ask her what is the story behind her. I wonder why but she wont tell! I told her that I will give a surprise and then she became curious about her surprise as her birthday was upcoming and it's natural that you die to know what surprises await you. I often wonder why people go to the fortune tellers? Life is full of surprises and why we ruin it? :D 
Coming back to the Evalady, we finally had a deal that she will tell me about the Evalady and I will tell her about the surprise. Now, you might be thinking that I am such a fool that I could have googled the meaning but Dear-Who-So-Ever-Is-Reading-It I tried it :P I couldn't find it so I had to ask her. 
She told me that Evalady is derived from two words, Eve and Lady. Eve means First and you know what lady means :P So it is like first lady but to be more precise, as per her that meant 'The First Woman'. Now why first woman? There are so many women roaming around and how come she be first woman? That's what her close buddies know. 
I don't know whether you got the meaning of Evalady or not I prefer to call her Maddy :D
Madiha Rahman Seronic Head Shot


Her name is Madiha Rehman and I have a habit that I give nick names to people I care about. After our first meeting, I really felt like she shares somewhat the same pain which I went through in my past which I no longer care about. After all we need to move on. Year 2012 was the most happiest and the most saddest year of my life. I did came across her once but I will tell you about that later, hold on a bit :P 
She too went through somewhat the same thing which I was made to go through and that was -> Painful (-_-) Why I call her Maddy? because I love that name :D I asked her If I can call her with that she said Yes I may :P and I was like 'Yayyyyyy' 

Best Memory?

Umm :D I guess our first meeting was the best ever memory up till now. Coming back to the story :P Back in 2011 I joined an online newspaper as a reporter and somehow she was there too. That day in Seronic when she greeted me and told me her side of story everything came back in my mind. All those times, memories and everything ! the best part was that she didn't tell me her name and when she was finished with her story I said You are Madiha Rehman from Bahawalpur who did a radio show ! and She said, 'Bingo' then I shared my story and then we realized we were passengers of same boat bitten by the same snake :D But after all it is past and I forgave everyone for everything and started a new life.


I don't know her much, just met her once. We do talk on facebook sometimes and I found her very co-operative and nice. She enjoys life and one habit which I really found worth mentioning is that she changes her DP's like clothes :D Every now and then comes a new picture, in a new pose, in a new place, in a new dress much better than than the previous. :D I wish I could feature all the pics here, I can but I wont :D 

Exclusive Message!

Happy Birthday Maddy :D May you have many many more :D and do share some more vids like 'The Meaning Of Life' That video changed me completely #Evalady #Maddy #HappyBirthday