How Can We Save Pakistan?

It was just yet another day and I was browsing the US Magazine group where I found a post where a person asked if anyone believed that one day we might wake up in the morning to see a new and peaceful Pakistan? I was going through the replies and finally the ones I encircled in red forced me to write this that how can we save Pakistan!

Disclaimer: This is just my point of view and it does not means that it right and will bring peace in Pakistan and this is the only solution to Save Pakistan. All the views and opinions are my own and I do not impose them on anybody. You are free to accept or reject them! Criticism is welcomed.

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Q: How Can We Save Pakistan?

Ans : You have to make that happen ! You ask how can we? Well ... Start from yourself !

Ask how many people you have helped in your life? In anyway?
How many times have you wasted energy? left the lights on, tap running etc.
How many times have you been rude to your fellows?

Though trivial they may seem but do you know that approx. 17 crore people of Pakistan think the same and they do not help others, waste energy and are rude.
Have you ever wondered if you do not help anyone once or waste energy for one second or show rude behavior then as a nation multiply it by 17 crore and realize that every single second we deny to help 17 crore people, we waste 17 crore seconds of energy and disappoint 17 crore people with our behavior ...

Let's just put aside the corruption, unrest, inflation, suicide bombings and politics!

Let's talk humanity, let's talk about doing what you can!

How many times have you thought that why people steal? 

Do they steal for fun?
NO! they steal to survive. We are fortunate enough that we get three good quality meals a day. Have you ever personally left your home and surveyed how people live? how they survive? The answer is NO !

So lets just stop asking what to do, no one will come and hold your hand and say lets do this! There are so many people living near you who need your help! Your care, your love and support. I bet everyone has some maids coming to their homes for cleaning etc. they all live in 'Servant Quarters' (That's what we use to call them in Pakistan)

Have you ever

  • Sent them a present? 
  • Talked to their kids? 
  • Sent them Eid dresses or even good food that you eat? 

Most of you would say NO ! That's what we need to do.

Help whom you can!

At least help those whom you can. A chocolate costs ten rupees. Once in a week give it to someone who never had one. He would be really happy with you. A toffee costs one rupees give one to a street child daily. Whatever your mom cooks, give a small piece of it to the poor who live nearby you by yourself, be polite to others, say thank you whenever someone does something for you. Be kind and courteous. Change yourself and the change will follow!

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I hate media because they care about is business and gossips and scandals ... they spread negativity. People get more and more depressed everyday. Fine we cant do anything about it. but at least love the ones whom you can, spend some time with them. So no matter how hard the times get, how high the inflation gets, the poor would know that Youth of Pakistan will send them presents on Eid, good food and share their sorrows. If you do that then trust me, no one will give a damn about what media has to say, what govt. has been doing, for they will be happy and all of us would be united !

We all are humans and we all need Love.
Spread Love not for the sake of photo session but for the Sake of Humanity! 

That's what you can do! That's what you should do and that's what you should tell others to do!

Volunteer and be a part of this Love Revolution !

Photo Credits : Lullaby Of Lilly