Salutes With Infinite Love

Salutes With Infinite Love I dedicate this post to one of my friend, Ahmed Asraf (^_^) and also to all those PMA (Pakistan Military Academy) Cadets who have dedicated their lives for the protection of their citizen, for combating the peace disrupting people and for the safeguard of our homeland.

Gatherings, Reunions, Hangouts, Meetings, Dinners, BBQs that's how the Eid-ul-Azha rolls in Pakistan. The main objective is to celebrate and everyone makes sure that they do it to the fullest except some...
Ahmed Ashraf Face Picture PMA
My Buddy Ahmed Ashraf (^_^)

But Who?

This is a story about cadets ...

When the world craves to be engineers, doctors, businessman and get filthy rich there are people who put aside this material wealth and present themselves to be the brave warriors who will watch the country and protect it and if need be they would lay their lives and give their blood but would not let any intruder put a step on our soil. 

For us, the happiness is killing bad people, for us the happiness is patrolling the border, for the happiness is receiving the bullets on our chest in battlefield. Our music is swishing sound of rockets, the falling shells of bullets, the dripping blood on field, the random noise of our radio transponders and we love the exploding bombs, the flying dirt, the exploding buildings, the shattering glass. We say mission accomplished when we set ablaze an enemy vehicle spying our lands, for us there is just one joy, that is the fear of our bravery in the eyes of our enemy that keeps him awake all night. We are Land warriors and we die like warriors.
Should you choose to accept this? Every single second somewhere someone in the world die but when we die, the world knows that a cadet has left marks of glory on this world, the children sing tales of bravery in their schools, the mothers feel proud that their sons have finally did their duty, though they were naughty arrogant brats but while leaving home for the academy they all might have said that 
'Mom next time when you hear about me You will be proud and that's what we do!'
Making a million dollar might seem fascinating but saving million lives by giving your own has its own charm and only a CADET knows it! 

So this EID I want to thank all trained-cadets under-training-cadets and cadets-to-be who undergo a very strict training and give up their happiness and luxuries which they could have had if they had chosen to be someone else rather than being a cadet. But on behalf of 17 crore population of Pakistan I here by say 

'Thank You for everything you are doing for us, you mean a lot for this nation, we will never ever forget you and everyday, five times when we pray to Almighty Allah we pray for your safety and for everything you are doing for us. You are our true heroes. '

*Salutes* With Infinite Love 
Syed Ommer Amer