Memorable Day !

Emotive portrait Excited Teenage American boy
After completing and submitting the business plan idea online the previous night! Finalizing team, Texting him and her! thinking idea, writing answers, with dreams in my eyes, submitted the idea of RevMinars. The hype was all up for the Discover Business Plan Competition! My dad has already announced that he won't be paying my uni's fee and i should take up this business thing :D
Come On Man ! I just wanted to participate and that's all :P
So the day was NOT AT all awesome, me already burdened with completion of project, preparing for Mid Terms, not feeling well, still a bit broken! :'(
Except that i met a person so awesome today!
We talked for about 3 hours i guess or maybe 2.5, shared views, debated about loads of things, talked about books and yes that "kachra thingy" :D It was epic!
And those public stares ... *le me ignores* :P
And Stop Blaming And Start Doing was the best ever line ... Inspired me, kinnda charged me :P
Huh ! :D
Lifted my mood :P
But still ... :'(