The Lady With A Class - Maryam Fazal

Well I guess most of you might have heard of read about the 'The Lady With A Lamp'! Yeah, the Florence Nightingale, British Woman who tended wounded soldiers in Crimean War. For your information, she is dead a long time ago :D But she was a nice lady.
Today, I want to introduce you to 'The Lady With A Class' Yeah, her name is Maryam Fazal. I was really busy yesterday and I wanted this to be her birthday gift but I hope if she is reading this right now, she will still be happy with it. So, let's begin How I Met Maryam Fazal

Where we met?

I never thought that we will ever meet. Infact I didnt know that she even existed :3 I never heard of her. Possibly, because I am a student of UET Taxila and she studies in NUST NBS. It was just a co-incidence as I had an interview in Pearl Continental Hotel, Rawalpindi for some event organized by KK. I was told that some other students will join us too by the Maam Fareeha. The time was 11:00am and I was there a little early. Maam invited me in the office and we talked on random things till every one arrived.
I was really surprized to see Xee there. She came with her friends, I don't remember the names of those two girls but I do remember the faces :D Well after that Maryam came. If I remember it right then she was draped in light shade of blue Shalwar Kameez. She was tall, confident and really 'classy' :P After she came, Maam started the meeting, briefed us about the event and what she was planning to organize and what were our job descriptions. We poured in our ideas for about two hours and after that we left.
Maryam Researcher Smiling Face Picture


Seriously, NO expectations. She just showed up in the meeting and we debated about the speeches and some ideas on how to organize things. We were in planning team and after the meeting, later on she was the team lead and she sought my help and ideas as rest of members were 'Slack' :D

Mutual Interests?

I came to know that she is general secretory at NBS Debating Society. I wish I could have become that of QDS but alas :P Anyways ... Later on, during our conversation she told me about her 'casual' interest to carry out researches. Seriously, in this era when all girls care about is dressing up and talking about pathetic dramas, I was really amazed to see one classy lady with an interest in 'Research' #Respect  


There are many ... Of which one particular I would like to mention here. I worked for KK with full dedication but not getting any positive response from the administrative authority made me quit it. I did informed her before I left and she understood my reason. Event got delayed and finally I heard that they did organized that event and it was reported that it went good. I am glad it did so regarding the Skype meeting which I was telling you, the agenda was to show up on time with ideas for decor and speech topics. First of all the genre couldnt be decided, finally after so much debate it was decided that we will keep it simple. There was a person in our team who didnt bothered to show up in the meeting, we called that person, tagged and even texted but no response. We both along with another girl, I guess her name was Aymen we did shared our ideas and finalized something and the next day a final meeting was called on skype and finally that person showed up but I have to say that I was rather disappointed after hearing what that person had to say. 
Anyway the best part was that despite of everything, we finalized something and I also made a seating arrangement plan which I gave to Maryam before I left KK.
Though KK was not as I was expecting it to be but the memories and the persons I met will stay with me. 

Best Qualities?

I have just met her twice and during that I really found her as a responsible girl who does the work assigned to her in the best possible way. Why I am saying that? because I have worked under her and she knows how to lead by example. We were in the 'Event Planning' team and she used to schedule meetings which included facebook meetings, interactions, sharing of ideas, skype meetings, finalizing the event plan, finalizing the budget, decor ideas etc. I really learnt and enjoyed alot while working with her. If you ever happen to meet her then one thing you will never forget is her 'smile' :P 

Worst Quality?

Umm ... Can't remember any! I just met her twice so couldn't find anything worth pointing out that she needs to improve.

Exclusive Message

Happy belated birthday :D If ever I got a chance then I would love to see you speaking on podium. :P I really wanna hear your debate #Someday :D #LadyWithAClass :D