Hamdard Bestie - Sohail Khan

So after a very long break, I am back at blogging and this time I will be telling you how I met this bestie of mine named 'Sohail Khan'. There are two reasons of calling him Hamdard Bestie 
  1. He studies in Hamdard University, Islamabad
  2. He is very Hamdard :D 
Hamdard in Urdu means who really cares for you and feels your pains and helps you over come them and boosts you up. For me he is just like that. Whenever we meet, we talk for hours. So let's start the How I Met ... session

Where we met?

Hmm ... Well, he joined Revolution Flame an year back, and I was in touch with him through Facebook. He was pretty active, he was not the kind of person like everyone else who just join and then sit idle. From the day one, he showed alot of interest in Creative Minds. Everyday, he shared ideas, articles, pictures and what not. Keeping in view of his devotion to the platform, we made him head of Creative Minds Section of our platform and since then he is with us. 
Well, as for where we met? :D
That is one heck of a story and here it goes ... 
In Revolution Flame, every month we try to organize one meeting and there was a meeting in the month of August (if I remember it right) and a total of four persons were called in that meeting. There was Bilal who was to pick me up from Pir Wadai Bus Stand and drop me at the Kuch Khaas Restaurant in Islamabad. What happened was really stupid (-_-) I had a very bad day, I reached there on time but Bilal got stuck in a traffic jam and I had to wait for about an hour in the scorching heat on the road and Sohail was constantly calling me that where the heck was I :D
Actually I was to preside the meeting and brief him about our mission statement and everything and I really feel very bad for him but come on that wasn't my fault :P
Any how I grabbed a taxi and reached there to see Sohail in cafe with a girl :P Anyhow, I smiled and he smiled back but he was really mad at me for keeping him wait for such a long time.
Sohail Khan Hamdard University Picture


This is the fun part. I was expecting him to be energetic, enthusiastic lad with ultimate creativity and passion to do something BIG for us. He was pretty much like that :D So no disappointments in that regard. He personality was cool and calm, even though we met for the first time but we conversed quite freely. I enjoyed the session with him (^_^) Little I knew at that time that this meeting would go such a long way.

Best Memory?

Infact there are too many or I should say every memory is no less than being called a 'best'. Let me share few of them here. It was in EME Olympiad 2012, where both of us first volunteered. We had three days of ultimate excitement and the best memory was the Ali Azmat concert, we got the first row all for our selves. Thanks to some-one-who-should-not-be-named :D I really fear that person's dad :D So no names :P Anyway, the best memory was that we were with that person and most importantly we got to cross the red-line and have exclusive photos with Ali Azmat while rest of the crowd watched us :D Seriously what a moment it was :D Uff ... Still that moment is frozen in my mind.
After that there's another memory which I want to share. It was in CASE University Islamabad in their event CASE Epica and there we organized an awareness activity and at the end since I was looking most descent, Sohail said that I  should go and receive the shield on behalf of Revolution Flame. Ok I know I am good, when it comes to public speaking but suddenly realizing that you will be called upon on stage gives you goosebumps :D Well, this bestie bucked me up and I did pretty well there. So, ThankYou buddy :D you rock :P

Ever felt like killing him?

Yes :3 Many times :P One time I would really want everyone to know is that my first ever meeting with National Youth Parliament Pakistan. There was some International Peace Solidarity Event to be organized in Dream Land Hotel in Islamabad. He called me to reach F-9 Park and unfortunately I reached the wrong gate. Not to mention that I was fasting and I bunked my Internship at CASE University for this meeting and the sun was hot. I had to walk that whole god damn park, ok not whole most of it as I got a lift from a person who dropped me at the gate where I was supposed to be but still You know he said that we all must be there at the gate by 1300 hours and even though I reached the required gate just in time but He WAS LATE (-_-) and that too by 45 mins. That was really the moment when I wanted to kill him for being late but as when he reached the venue then I realized why he was late :D *rest of the story is a secret* :D But I didnt kill him, he is still alive :D

Best Quality?

Well he is my bestie so whatever state he is in, I love it :D  \m/ I call him bestie because everything in him is BEST :D So now you should meet him to know what he is like :P 

Worst Quality?

Hmm ... He sometimes replies to my texts very late but I guess he is kindda busy :P After all I love Workohlics :D #WorkohlicBestie

What's so special about him?

Everything :D He is more or less like me. He loves to volunteer, he's passionate and most important of all he takes responsibility and delivers. Currently, he is managing Infinitron, our E-mag and if you are a creative person with slightest interest of creativity then you need to get in touch with us :P We have something really special for you ^_^ 

Exclusive Message?

Yes! I was dying to say that :D Now finally when I have a chance Let me say that
Buddy, If I had one wish then I would have asked GOD to make me your twin brother :P We would have wrecked hell on this so called Planet Earth but ummm :P I am still Ok with our bestie status but had it been like that then seriously, would have loved it ! Stay Hamdard Always :D