Shoe Shoe Thingy !!!

Element Prime Online youth mag picNever seen before, never heard before and definitely never tried before.
A brand new innovation introduced by Iraqi journalist in 2008 to express his deep gratitude in an wonderful way.
You got that right!!! It's the shoe-shoe thingy I’m talking about.
All it takes is A shoe, a politician, a press conference and a bucket-full-of courage to do this courageous act
Yeah "COURAGEOUS" it's not a child's play so definitely practice it (say 100 times) at home on young brothers and sisters before making
your first and last public demonstration !!! :D

Why shoe hurling?

  •  You want some thrill in your life?
  •     You want newspapers to talk about you?
  •     You want people to hail you as a public hero?
  •     You do not care about anyone?
  •     You want some Wikipedia to add your name in the list of those who did this "heroic" act?

If you said yes to those questions then HI five!!! You are in!!!
No previous experience required just put on your shoes and visit your nearest press conference today
and let's get rolling to make the 'Breaking headlines' :D

This tradition was introduced by Muntadhar-al-zaidi , Iraqi journalist . This heroic act inspired people all around the world to try this new fashion in politics and from 2008 till now numerous shoe-hurling incidents have been recorded (Wiki them yourself) 

Do you have any new idea? Any new tradition? Which you want to introduce in the world of politics? Or you want us to talk about? Let us know!!! Till then Happy Shoe-hurling!! J