I am a Kafir

Today, I really felt ashamed to be called a Pakistani.
I witnessed how some mad mindless people, so called my country men destroyed my country with their own hands.
Reason: Some Person Posted A Blasphemous Video On YouTube 

You know I have seen mad people, i have seen insane people, i have seen addicts but honestly speaking i don't know what to call these people. Even animals don't destroy their homes with their own hands and here the world witnessed how some bunch of so called Pakistani people showed the world that "Yes, we are angry, We do not have any sense, We are political puppets, We can destroy our country whenever we want, you don't need to invade us, we can destroy it with our own hands, we can kill our people, we can burn our automobiles. Yes we are Pakistani !

I never wanted to write this but I think that religious and political parties have ruined Pakistan. Just for the sake of politics they have caused so much damage to this country that if we combine ten times the loss incurred in 65 War then it becomes what these parties have done to Pakistan.
They have tried their level best to use media to create an environment of negativity, create depression in people, give rise to frustration, promoted economic meltdown and last but not least gave birth to this "Destroying the country with own hands" culture.

I have few questions which I want to ask all those who went in "PROTESTS" and who organized "PROTESTS" and who actively make use of these "PROTESTS" and damaged the infrastructure.
Stop Playing with us, we know that these rallies were only for political benefits, you just wanted to have a label that your party "PROTESTED" and rallied all around the country so you can use this line in your election that "O People of Pakistan! We organized the biggest rally in Pakistan when the blasphemous video was uploaded on Youtube."
My Answer : Die infidels, We hate you. Go to HELL, At least the educated class don't gives a shit to it.
and then i m quiet sure you will sing the religious tunes and tell your uneducated, brainwashed bunch of people that He is KAFIR who is not protesting against this. Quran Says that we should kill those who do this and that.
My Answer : If that is your definition of Muslim then i m proud to be a KAFIR. Think useless mindless freaks there is a way of protesting. Your government put a ban on Youtube. The Youtube suffered a million Dollar loss. End of conversation ! Now what's the point of going out on roads and burning your whole country down just because you are so called Angry? 

Grow up and act like educated person and stop destroying the image of Pakistan. 
Pakistan is not an arena of Terrorism, it is not the breeder Extremists so Kindly STOP propagating negativity and hatred about Pakistan.