Unexpected Trip

What a day it was ...
Sleepy me woke up from from bed, had totally no intention to come to uni but that EMT class ... Thought that "Today i will seriously stay awake in class and listen to what sir has to say" but Alas ... :P
The class was cancelled due to reasons which i didn't bothered to listen :D
Angrily, I stormed out of the classroom to go back home but someone suggested that "Let's welcome the new batch of 2k12 Electronics" I was totally in no mood of it but yet I said "Ok", went there talked to maam, took some time and then went in there ! I gave a formal welcome note and then we had little fun. There are some people which i remember! The one girl who was very confident and an avid book lover. The whitish boy who looked like a foreigner but was a Pakistani, the Formanite boy, The Theeta Boy with 960 marks, The girl who was sitting on the corner, she was a movie geek (if I remember it right) and the boy who was doing multiple jobs, Damn! He looked like the CR of my class, I guess he might become the CR of that class too :D Well there were many other too! Though i know them by face but ... umm ... Not much ! During whole of this intro session some juniors were found sleeping and they were summoned to stage and one of them happened to be of my Bus Junior, Meanwhile, some other of my class fellows joined in too. Girls went to the back and me with CR, Asad Kamal and one more class fellow stayed at the stage. It was FUN ! :D
"Loved the experience, Loved the Enthusiasm in juniors, their diversified interests and the ... everything" :D

Then maam came back and we all left, I was so excited that I said a line on which everybody ROFLED :D
Though I clarified what I meant but everybody made full use of the opportunity and Many "points" were fired on me, which i, unconditionally had to bear, for my stupidity :D But it was FUN ! :D

Then, while exiting department it was suggested "Shughal Ho Jae?" (Let's have Fun?) I was like "we already had enough" but everybody wanted more so I said "Let's be it!" Then we stuffed everyone in the carry and set off to Taxila Museum. But upon reaching it was told to us that we can't enter the premises as the "Chief minister of Behar" is coming to pay Taxila Museum, a visit and we were like what the F! then  after unanimous decision it was decided that we would go to "Khanpur Dam" and off we went :D

The most memorable thing was that camel ride :P Damn ! The screams :P Aha !!! Can't forget that face! and then we set off to that Rocky Island, put feet in water (which was icy) then went we all went up the hill to not fetch a pail of water but just for sight see-ing :D We had pakoras with drinks on that top of hill! and then we had "Shughal" (No Laughin Game :P ) and the lunch was served :P The taste was ... :P (No Comments) :D

Then came back while splashing all around in the boats :P then while boarding off the boat, I curiously started inspecting the mechanism employed in the engine of boat and yet another "Point" was fired :D
hahahah !!!
Then we played that silly game and then one of the person was sent to bring pakooras :P another went to fetch a goat :D Yet another was sent to ask that couple where did they brought dress :D Ultimate fun it was !

Then on our way back we had "Oranges" :D
Yummmmm :P

And then came back peacefully to uni and boarded uni bus routes and went back home!

A day it was ! :)

Would cherish this day !!! :)

ThankYou eveyone for those memories. :)

Yet ...
The day which went so well ended so bad :@