Stuff happens and that too happened about a week back. My last semester's result which was a complete disaster got me grounded :/ I don't have internet, my laptop was taken from me for SIX months.
Unless I show improvement, the restrictions stay put. 
Luckily, I do have my mobile and still am in contact with my friends. It's been a week and it feels so awkward that you just don't surf internet anymore. A week ago I was on my laptop till 2am in morning working for Revolution Flame, managing things and doing other stuff and here I am now having nothing now.  
It kinda hurts to even think that I have to wait six months to get it back but may be it might be good for me. I have no exit strategy and I have to make sure that I get out of this UET with good grades. 
Honestly speaking I don't like most of the faculty here. Some are good but MOST of them sucks! All the goody good seniors who were my inspirations have already left uni! Just 2k9 session left and I don't like interacting with them AT ALL (exceptions are always there). Though, made some new awesome friends but still life feels empty. It's pretty hard to face that your addiction is gone and you don't see it coming back !