K squared R N

Yep ! you just read the title right! That business plan competition of NUST was ongoing and we were supposed to submit an executive summary of our RevMinars idea. Fakhar was totally not interested in it, and Arsh was busy with in her papers and presentations. So, it was upto me, kc and rubab to get it done. Since I gave them the idea so most of the duty was on me to do it and therefore I had a meeting with Hassan Bhai at Gloria Jeans and we discussed it in detail. Scribbled loads of stuff on paper and myself also worked out few graphs and flowcharts on PAPER since I was out of laptop (that *grounded-ness* thingy).

That day while sitting in Library, I tweaked Kc's poem and it was a long story of tweaking-shweaking and it was tuesday if I remember i well. Yes it was! As I skipped the CA-II lecture and my fellows joined me at about ten and told me the stories but I don't care. The lecturer itself had gone abroad and I was in no mood to attend the class of some Msc student so I preferred working out on this Revminar Thingy and then first rubab came, we discussed and refined the idea and then kc came and we all talked, and not just simple talk-shawk but real LOUD talk shawked and the person whose office was nearest to our table came all the way from his office and said to us "Either you lower your voice or change your place" we silently stared him and when he wen taway we rofled real LOUD :D It was epicness at maximum level !
Then we went out to cafe grabbed ourselves some stuff and sat in the ground. There that K squared RN scene happened :P I was still busy in completing the Executive Summary whereas rest of the folks chatted and I enjoyed the jokes :P
At the end of day, I handed all the work to Komal and that evening again shit happened and all my hard work was lost somewhere in the Zeros and Ones of Kc's Lappy :D