My Childhood

Rural boys of Pakistan Madogrpahy

When all I had in mind was; eat, drink, sleep and play
When I’d gulp the food for rushing to ground with no delay
When being the last to play was a worry
But scoring top was a victory 
Where crying was a way to get the wishes fulfilled
When I was rewarded for speaking the truth
And scolded if found guilty of lie

When carefree, little cute angel was I 
and in the world of dreams I used to fly 
When sharing candy was the hardest deed 
But seeking attention used to be the easiest task 
When I was adored for all the innocence 
and heed was paid to all my plights 

When my mistakes were forgiven 
and I was guided in a way so even 
Lost in the golden memories 
Found in that nothingness 
I call thy name 

Come, sooth my wildness 
Fill my emptiness 
Make me tame 

For a little bitty minutest fraction of a second 
I want to feel the same 
I desire to re-start this life 
And live again 
Come back O Childhood 
Your flashbacks drive me insane.

Written By : Syed Ommer Amer
Photo Credits : Hammad Asghar