One thing I love ...

Public Speaking :D

One Black Mic on stand

Yep !!! One of the things I love is Public Speaking because they provide me a way to vent out my emotions and also they provide me a chance to write something new :P
P.S. I love writing too ... :P
I am such a busy bee that I hardly find any spare time or as we say "Sakoon ka waqt" :P

The reason for this blog post is that ... Tomorrow I am going to Lahore and the day after tomorrow I will Finally be speaking in UET Lahore in HEC competition on provincial level and if I clear it then I will be the 2nd Person in the history of UET Taxila (after Wahab Bhai) to speak in HEC competition on National Level :D Even thinking about it makes me feel excited ... Today I wrote my debate in EMT class ... Seriously it was such an awesome class ... class was hell bored, subject was boring, teacher lacked enthusiasm and there was pin drop silence .... :D
Me sitting in the back bench scribbled my debate and it was really messy :D Asad Kamal was sitting right beside me and he could hardly understand what I was writing.

(-_-) I have a messy handwriting :D

So where was I? Ahan ... Well after the EMT class I had Lunch with Basit after a very very long time :P
Then I went to attend the PSPICE lab which I haven't ever attended before during the whole semester :D
Yes ! I Bunk Classes and Labs but only when it's urgent ... Past whole month was really busy :P

and then we had a LEGENDARY QDS meeting :P and that too in LIBRARY ... Damn! The library is so beautiful, it makes me feel like I m sitting in my home :P The new furniture and the new arrangement ... Delighting! Ahan the meeting was all about DICE2012 and it went great and how to process a competition and complaints and bla bla bla and the absentee members were penalized. Saba Arif was banned for speaking in three upcoming events. :(

And then after that A really hilaric Meeting with Mir Tariq :D
I ROFLED when he was handing over his phone to ... *u guessed it right* rest is CENSORED :D
I don't want to get myself kicked from University :P

Then I am really thankful to Ahmed nadir for dropping me at the Taxila Van stop and there I boarded welfare and went back home :)

Day was awesome ... and most importantly I am happy that I am going to speak :D
I was dying to speak and seriously I am trying my best and I would try my level best to WIN it !!!

Who so ever is reading it should pray for me :D