I hate banks :D

It was about 9am in the morning and I was ordered to go to Bank to cash a cheque. What happened was as follows.
I parked my cycle, stared at the board. It said "Bank Al-Islami" I walked, climbed few stairs and I fuond myself surrounded by doors! Like seriously, You look Left there's a glass door, Look Right there a Glass Door, Look Straight and there's a God-damn Glass wall and I was like ... Where should I go? :P
Though A bit and then turned left ... People were busy in their routine work, A lady was staring at me the moment I entered in the bank. Then the phone on her table rang and she got busy with it. I went straight to the counter because as far as I know it is the place where you can cash a cheque. What happened after it was the most dumbest thing ever happened to me :D

le me to banker: Is this the place to cash the cheque?
le banker : Yes! But You can't cash the cheque here!
Embarrassed Face le me : Why so? O.o 
le banker: This bank don't cash this cheque?
le me : *confused* 
le banker : *smiled* and said Which Bank are you in?
le me: Bank Islami
le banker: *grinningly* Think Again !
le me: * embarrassingly looked around*
le banker : *ROFLED* This is Bank Al-Habib :D
le me : Sorry >.<  *blazingly went out and took the right turn, cashed the cheque and went back home*

Seriously! I HATE BANKS !!! Esp. Those which are located side by side :D  

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