Celebrations? You must be kidding me !

Yeah ... It's been a VERY VERY LONG TIME since I last blogged ! A LOT OF THINGS HAPPENED ! but after all I decided to continue what I started as I found a new reason to live. Anyway, putting everything aside let's just talk a bit about the Eid Celebrations.
Amazing Abstract Art Painting on Wall
Everyone around is going frenzy over Eid Mubarik and soon my news would be flooded with Eid Mubarik Messages, posts, tags, statuses. OK You think I am over reacting but think about it what have you done in the past whole month? Do you think that are you even eligible to celebrate?
By eligibility I mean that you performed the following tasks with utmost dedication and with pious intentions
  • Prayed five times a day punctually
  • Fasted whole month for Allah 
  • Read Quran
  • Helped atleast one needy person financially
  • Put smile on one sad person
  • Spent time with my family
  • Was nice to my younger brothers and sisters
  • Never lied, cheated or stole anything
  • Never broke heart of any person
Girl On Bench Staring Abstract Art
I guess these are enough as I can go on for about 10-15 more things but let's just get a initial check on these and I a quite sure that hardly anyone would say Yes I did all of these things!
So while you are going out for shopping and playing music in your cars and so called celebrating Eid, do ponder that Eid is not about the celebrations, it is about reflecting over your deeds of previous month which was supposed to train you to control yourself from doing Evil. How much strong are you now?
Speaking Engineering, Ramazan was an internship and now you have to analyse that how much command you have over your desires? Can you see an evil and stop it or would you just go like the rest of the herd and be a part of that evil deed?

Ponder and then Celebrate as I just heard about that Satin is bailed out so watch out !
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