For the Reasons Unknown

Long haired Boy with scarf Standing The festivities going on,
On deliciaries, people savoring on,
Insomniac, here I stand,
Eyes red, Mind dead, I stand,
A drop falls down on ground
Soon a stream is found  
Sad for a reason unknown
Mad at a person well known
Cheers, Joys drained out of me
Rage, Anger burning inside me
Am I not the one who used to be?
Or Is the fate cheating me?
Am I not worth being trusted?
Or has our relation rusted?
May be time will it take
Till then, I will, for nights, stay awake
Thinking, cursing, blaming and complaining
Nonetheless but myself
For the reasons unknown
In the crowd of billions i am alone
Thinking about the person well-known.

Written By : Syed Ommer Amer